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William Paul Marlette Sci-FY Illustratio


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I really enjoyed working with William on the front cover of my Adult Fiction Novel (Eclipse: A Guardian's Saga "A Warrior's Moon").  I was very certain of my vision, wanted the cover to really tell a scary story in triumphant way.  William was a great professional!  He listened to vision and then made it his own and added to the work greatly.  I really benefitted from his years of experience as I'm sure every writer can no matter the genre! 

(Hey William this looks great, you really feel the meaning and dominance of the moon in this take, the werebear is terrifying almost like a final boos and the man is suffering but is clearly being empowered at the same time!)

Thanks Will!

Australia Travel

Very happy with the results of our unusual request. William is very easy to work with and we will use him again in the future.

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Children's Chills

Excellent Artist, perfect to work with.

I encourage you to use his services!

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Static Character Illustrating

A Dollar Bush Tree Path Rooster Clouds a

Unique Animal Illustrations


Children's Chills

Both my dog and my cat stare at each other during lightening storms...

You captured it, WOW!

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Love it!  Entire different vibe when getting young people excited  about going to school. Great work.  Thanks and take care.

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Love the Grey Dog!

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Working with William has been a very easy-going and smooth experience.  He is a kind person that went above and beyond the expectation I had for the project, offering advice encouragement and guidance when I needed it most. 

He is a fantastic illustrator that listened to my ideas and followed my story-line perfectly.

I hope to work with him again on my next project!

Thank You so much, William.

Haley Wellman

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As I wrestled with writing my first book, William was the steady voice. 

I will never forget my first book with William!

It's very cool and colorful, I can't thank you enough!

Ken Hamilton/Lon Styles

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William's illustrations brought my narrative to life and tears to my eyes.  After years of searching, his artwork fully expressed my visions and dreams and have created a lasting legacy for my family and friends.  William and I made a connection that went beyond a work relationship and his experience, wisdom, advice, and calm nature can do the same for your story.  He is your man!


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I really appreciate you going above and beyond for me!

You are a true professional but above all a great person. 

I am very fortunate to have made your acquaintance.

Take care,

T.E. Thomas (The Very Big Hill)


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It has been my pleasure to work with William on "Flynn at Home".  He is a professional who knows how to bring characters to life on book pages.  William's attention to detail and the author's vision come together in the best way.

Elizabeth Eng

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William Paul Marlette is one of the best Children's Book Illustrators that I have come to know.  His professionalism and amazing attention to detail to create just whta the author wants, is always foremost on his mind. He creates each illustration with gentle strokes of artistic genius!

kf stewart (safekidz)

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I had the pleasure of working with William for the past 3 years.  He has illustrated all 3 of my books, starting with bringing my Rocky and Rollie to life in Illustrations.  William is easy to work with and the quality of his work is worth every penny.

I highly recommend William Paul Marlette!


Sue Wiruth

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A New  Mountain Miracle Cover (2) - Copy
THIS NEW COVER Sent to Sue Feb 19, 2018.

Thank You so much.  I have enjoyed working with you and the quality of your work.  I feel like your illustrations are a good balance because they bring my story down to earth.

Thank You

Julie Gier

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