Illustration Fees (Mid Grade to Adult only)

POLICY ... Please Read

By Clicking the PayPal Order Block, you agree to the following terms:

1. Sorry... There are absolutely NO Returns or refunds, due to the time spent on design, blocking, and illustrating.

2. All Remakes/Revisions are charged at the current Revision Block Fee located on the Image Slider (below).

3. As an Illustrator, I DO NOT do text (with the exception of text overlay on the Front Cover) and Special advance arrangements with limited text.  However, your text MUST be properly edited in advance, as I DO NOT do editing, i.e. spell check, punctuation, syntax, etc.

4. The Front Cover will always have a text overlay containing: Title (CenterTop), Author's Name (directly under title) and Illustrator's Name (lower left or right)... these 3 elements are non-negotiable.

5. Please Note: All illustrations are done in 'MY STYLE' (as depicted on this website).


 Free Shipping means... This is a JPG product and it is delivered via email to you.  It is your responsibility to send it to a Print/Pub Company.

So Simple... Here's How It Works

1. Send me an email with the entire text, designating each of your page numbers. (Note: Your text will also determine whether or not this is acceptable as a Children's Book).


2. I will then instruct you (via email), to choose the proper PayPal box for your first illustration, and we can begin. payment

 Please Read This Definition: A Children's Book is any short story, nursery rhyme, or educational message.  It cannot contain terror, blood, or abnormal behaviors.  It is most often  very simple with limited background and limited detail of its characters. Anything else is categorized as Mid-Grade to Adult which requires much more time and detail, thus it is priced accordingly.  (Below)