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Portfolio Submission

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Submission Samples From:

William Paul Marlette

P.O. Box 253

Findley Lake, NY  14736

Ph: 716-769-9888

If you're tired of looking at the same old Circle Face & two dot eyes for Children's Book Illustrations, then take a gander at these diverse stylings by

William Paul Marlette.

Samples... Flooty-Du-Ball

Samples... Observations of an Alien

Samples... Deer Dia

Samples... Mungo's Book of Poems

Samples... Samantha Speak

Samples... The Very Big Hill

Samples... Carol's Journey

Samples... The Magical Dolphins 

Samples... The Adventures of Rocky 

Samples-My Miracles: believe in them... count on them  

Samples-Mountainside Miracle

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