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 Illustration Fees (Children's Book, Only)

Illustrator's POLICY ... Please Read

By Clicking the PayPal Order Block, you agree to the following terms:

1. All illustrations are done in my style (Cartoony or Cute semi-realism), as depicted in the sample slide show, below, or a special style that is previously agreed upon. 

2. All Remakes/Revisions are charged at the current Revision Block Fee located on the Image Slider (below).

3. As an Illustrator, I DO NOT do text (with the exception of text overlay on the Front Cover) and special advanced arrangements for simple text pages; however, your text MUST be properly edited in advance, as I DO NOT do editing, i.e. spell check, punctuation, syntax, etc.

4. The Front Cover will always have a text overlay containing: Title, Author's Name, and Illustrator's Name.

5. There are NO Refunds.  You will pay (in advance), for one page at a time.


I can't get inside your head!!! Please don't tell me that is not what you had envisioned. If the character illustration doesn't look like the little girl or fuzzy puppy in your mind, it's because Only YOU know what you see inside your mind!!! I can only narrow down the characters with you to a few general design concepts, i.e. ~ Humans... age, color and type of hair, tall or short, thin or chubby, freckles or not, or even a fantasy style human comprised of silly characteristics. ~ Animals... dogs, cats, birds, turtles, squirrels, goats, etc., or even a fantasy style animal comprised of silly characteristics. 

In short, I must have artistic latitude. So, please trust that my 40 plus years of skills and experience will produce a book for you that is both colorful and enchanting.  I promise to make your book POP! Click HERE to see for yourself, some of my past authors covers and beautiful interior pages.


 Free Shipping means... This is a JPG/PDF product and it is delivered via email to you.  It is your responsibility to send it to a Print/Pub Company.

 WOW !
 Only $29 per  Interior Illustration!

  Style One...

 WOW !
 Only $39 per Interior Illustration!

Style Two...
Cute Semi-Realism


Example of 


(in my style)

PayPal Blocks Cartoony
PayPal Blocks
Cute Semi-Realism

 NOTE: All  Prints, Originals, Illustrations, Cartoons, Caricatures and Sculptures are under the copyright of 
William Paul Marlette

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