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Thoughts... An Artist in 'Their' own Mind (click the cartoon)

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Many years ago, I was looking to buy a quite different style home that was known as a geodesic dome. The realtor made arrangements to show the unusual style home and we met at the designated time. As I entered into the spacious living room area, the realtor ran over to the far wall and excitedly said, "Oh look the seller has left an original Copsky on the wall. I strolled over to the painting and silently thought... "It's no wonder they left that painting, as a dirty pair of coveralls would have been more appealing".

My personal feelings are of disbelief when individuals buy a piece of art just for the bragging rights of the artist name. Even in the arena of the so called 'Contemporary Masters', there are so many paintings that are akin to nothing more than coffee stains. Art should be chosen for the visceral value and never for a signature.

Note: Yes, I bought the house. No, the painting was not there upon my moving in... thankfully.

The name of the artist was changed to protect the artists feelings (or lack thereof).


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