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Blog Contest... This Weeks Caricature

​Slash, is a Caricature Artists Dream! I really enjoy doing caricatures of him... he just has that perfect demeanor which he naturally exhibits and it's so easy to transform to flat art.

All that YOU have to do is find the HIDDEN object that I have drawn into the 'Slash Caricature'. If you think you found it... Simply email me ( Tell me exactly what the object is and where it is hidden in the caricature. If you are correct, I will mail to your home address, one 8X10 Glossy of that Rock Star Caricature! It's totally FREE and there are NO Strings Attached!

P.S. Don't forget to include your name, home address, and zip code.

And... Make your 'Hidden Object' observation a good one, as you only get one per weekly illustration.

Good Luck!

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