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Your text page and an opposing illustration for your total of 38 pages. The Interior Page total  (charged at $29.00 each for the current manuscript that you sent), comes to $1,102.00 plus the Front Cover @ $40.00 which equals $1,142.00. Please Note: any and all revisions are extra.  I produce a Full Color Illustration for you, which is sized for both Ebooks and Print Books.  The resolution, color, and size is all set!  It is then emailed to you as a JPG and ready for submission to your printer or Print/Pub company, i.e. KDP, LULU, etc.  Please Note:  Any revision (on your part) will necessitate a  revision fee of $29.00.  So, Make sure that you provide me with ALL important details!

Cartoony Special Package

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