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Your 'Very Own' Caricature By USPS Mail

Purchase a Caricature of...

Mom, Dad, Friend, Brother, Sister or...Yourself

  Your Caricature is first drawn, then hand painted, and  printed on an 8.5" X 11" Hollywood Style Glossy, which is ready to be framed or posted to a wall.  Finally, it is packaged and Shipped via USPS to your address.

All Caricatures are $40 

All that You Do is...

1. Email Me a photo

2. Select (by telling me in your email)  which of my four styles (below), that you would like illustrated.  I will hand paint (in color) or draw (grayscale), your caricature.


3.Your full-color or grayscale print/painting will be sent via USPS to the address that you provide, within two days of your purchase.

Note:  Based on one single  subject only

4. Initiate your order by clicking the sample photo under     the arrow (below) 1. Sorry... There are absolutely NO Returns or refunds, due to the time spent on design, blocking, and illustrating.

Want to see more of my Caricature work?

Click Here

NOW, Order your personal Hand  Painted   Caricature.

Four Samples of Caricatures (2).jpg

Begin, by clicking the   sample square below.

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